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Stolz basalt products

Like lava, basalt is also a type of stone produced through volcanic activity, however, basalt is due to the specific creation process classified as one of the hard stones. Basalt is therefore often used as paving stones and for paving embedding.

This material has other uses in the form of basalt sand, as decorative stones in garden and landscaping constructions or as a filler in asphalt production.

Our basalt production line comprises:

Product: Type: Comments:
Basalt 0/32 Test certificate for ballast support layers
Basalt 32/63 Railway ballast
Basalith 0/45 Test certificate for frost protection and
ballast support layers
Basalt sands 0/2, 0/5  
High-quality chippings 2/5, 5/8, 8/11, 11/16, 16/22, 22/32